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About the Metropolitan Police:

The Metropolitan Police Service is famous around the world and has a unique place in the history of policing. It is by far the largest of the police services that operates in greater London. Founded by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, the original establishment of 1,000 officers policed a seven-mile radius from Charing Cross and a population of less than 2 million.

Today, the Metropolitan Police Service employs more than 32,500 officers together with about 14,200 police staff, 230 traffic wardens and 4,300 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). The MPS is also being supported by more than more than 5,000 volunteer police officers from the Metropolitan Special Constabulary (MSC) and its Employer Supported Policing (ESP) programmed. The Metropolitan Police Services covers an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2 million.

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Strategy and Plans:

The Policing London Business Plan for 2011-14 sets out the strategic intentions of the Metropolitan Police Service over this three-year period under the continued scrutiny of the Metropolitan Police Authority. To ensure the strategy remains current it will be revitalized on an annual basis. The Annual Policing Plan will then provide the one-year delivery mechanism to achieve the outcomes laid out in the strategy.

One of the strategies employed is the Diversity Strategy. This strategy outlines what the MPS will be doing to enhance community trust and confidence in the police service, and what they are doing to recruit, retain and progress the best in people.

In keeping with the desire for openness and accountability the Metropolitan Police Service publishes a range of information about its plans and about how it performs in dealing with crime.

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