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About Abu Dhabi Police, UAE:

The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police in Abu Dhabi UAE operates with other bureaus to achieve a safer society. It seeks to preserve stability, reduce crime and the remove the sense of fear, as well as contributing to the achievement of justice among the general public.

The values of the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police are integrity, honesty and respect for human rights.  ADP operates fairly when dealing with people; they act reasonably, with tact and kindness. They also promote teamwork and recognize the contributions of individuals and groups in their achievements and reward their owners.



LT .GENERAL H.H SHEIKH SAIF BIN ZAYED ALNAHYAN, DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER AND MINISTER OF INTERIOR, has launched officially on Tuesday 29/3/2011, the ministry of Interior strategic plan for 2011- 2013 which entered into force early this year.

His highness said on this occasion ‘‘the wheel of the permanent development could not turn on consistent and accelerating without the unlimited support and the sharp vision of H.H SHEIKH KHALIFA BIN ZAYED ALNAHYAN, PRESIDENT OF THE STATE (ALLAH MAY SAVE HIM) and to be consolidated by H.H SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIN RASHID ALMAKTOUM, VICE PRESIDENT, PRIME MINISTR AND RULER OF DUBAI.

As a result of the rapid changes in the world, particularly in Abu Dhabi, His highness intends to achieve his vision of becoming ‘One of the most developed capitals’.  The GHQ of Abu Dhabi police regularly systematize and modernize their annually plan in line with the requirements of the general secretariat of the executive council and the achievements of Abu Dhabi government's outputs; which includes the continuous changes in the population structure and the urban expansion.


Thus, one of the Abu Dhabi police GHQ chief strategies is to regularly revise its plans based on the analysis of their internal and external environment. The GHQ apply their knowledge and best practices to achieve their strategic goals, priorities and in allocating their resources.

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