The finance department takes the responsibility for organizing ADP UK’s financial and accounting affairs which includes preparation and presentation. This department is accountable to pay all invoices and expenses regarding our sponsored students and ADP-London office.

We administer:

Tuition fees and Schooling
  • Books
  • Medical
  • Accommodation booked through our office
  • Conferences
  • Children’s schooling

Tuition fees and Schooling

All students’ tuitions payments are paid directly to their University’s according to the sponsorship letter received from our GHQ.


All students will be reimbursed the cost of their books.
*(Any reimbursement requires your full name, address, original invoice and an authorization from your university advisor or course leader)


Each medical appointment or treatment requires a separate guarantee letter to cover its cost.
*(Students are required to contact the ADP UK office for a guarantee letter before booking a medical appointment).

Dental treatment is only for emergency, this office will not pay for any cosmetic treatment.


Students will be reimbursed the cost of conferences.
*(Any reimbursement requires your full name, address, original invoice and an approval from the ADP academic advisor) specifically Postgraduate students

Children’s schooling

Each Child enrolled in a school will receive a sponsorship letter to guarantee the pupils *** and their studying term.
*(Students have 2 options, either to be reimbursed or they will have to contact ADP UK for a guarantee letter. You are required to provide the students name and institute you wish to enrol them in; plus a copy of their passport and UK student visa).