UK Universities

The qualifications of UK universities are recognised and respected throughout the world. The courses in the UK must meet strict academic criteria, which will encourage and motivate you to excel in your subject. A majority of the undergraduate and post graduate programs in the UK are quite diverse, creative and inviting, promoting each student to reach their full potential.

UCAS is an organisation in the UK responsible for managing applications to higher education courses. They process more than two million applications for full-time undergraduate courses every year, while helping them find the right courses. Their online website provides innovative tools which make it easier for students and higher education institutions (HEIs) to manage applications and offers.

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The Abu Dhabi Police Attaché in London affiliates with many universities and colleges in the UK; and provides academic support, counselors and advisers to make our students feel welcome and supported throughout their time in UK higher education. Some of the Universities the ADP office operates with are:


Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

The RCSI operates the largest Medical Schools in Ireland and also provides undergraduate and post graduate studies. The college provides a range of studies and extensive training program through the school of Postgraduate Studies, such as Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy.                    



Nottingham University

The University of Nottingham shares many characteristics of the world’s great universities. They have combined their key strengths to offer their students a valuable and enjoyable experience that prepares them well for their intellectual, professional and personal lives. Nottingham is divided into five faculties with multiple schools of study for both postgraduate and undergraduate studies; this includes (Art, Engineering, Science, Medical and Social Science).

Brunel University

Brunel is an outstanding university based in Uxbridge, West London. Their mission is to combine academic firmness with the practical, entrepreneurial and the imaginative approach. Brunel has a wide range of courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates students. And offers both Academic schools and Specialist Research Centres to improve their students understating of the world and to keep them informed with up-to the minute teaching.


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British universities can be divided into three groups:
• The first group include prestigious universities with academic experience and world-renowned prestigious
• The second group includes medium universities, which was formerly called (Polytechnics). There academic experience in the field of research for the doctorate in particular is still mid-level but they are supported by the quality management of the British Ministry of Higher Education (HERO). More information can be found on the link (
• The third group includes modern universities. Universities of this level is limited to granting bachelor's and master's degree only and is still under study by PhD.