Your Rights & Duties


The Abu Dhabi Police welcomes you to the United Kingdom and wishes you success in your educational venture. During the period of your scholarship, the Police Attaché Office and its staff will provide you with all the assistance that you may need in order to facilitate your stay and direct your full attention to your educational demands and requirements.


Student Financial Benefits


Students receive a monthly salary from Abu Dhabi Police.


Students receive full medical coverage, as per Abu Dhabi Police standard policy.. For any inquiries, please contact our Finance department or your ADPUK Academic Supervisor.


Reimbursements are provided for all standardized testing and preparation courses as per the Scholarship rules and regulations.

For reimbursement inquiries, please contact our Finance Department during Office hours. (Please view our contact page)


Student Responsibilities

New Students: Documents to be sent to the Police Attaché Office

Each new student is responsible to submit to his/her Scholarship Academic Advisor upon arrival to the UK the following:

  • Arrival  documents:

1-     A copy of your valid passport

2-     A copy of a valid UK visa

3-     A recent IELTS or equivalent English course result

4-     Academic certificates of school, college, or university previously attended

  • Local address, phone number, and email address. You are also responsible for notifying your Scholarship Academic Advisor and International Student Advisor at the University in any changes in contact information within ten (10) days of the changes. If any correspondences need to be mailed to you, they will be sent to the last address that you provided to the Police Attaché Office.

Please note that your Scholarship Academic Advisor will provide you with some necessary forms for you to fill out and return to him/her.

Commitment to the field of study and the country assigned by Abu Dhabi Police

Each Abu Dhabi Police scholarship holder is devoted to his/her assigned field of study, university, country and duration of study as per his/her letter of sponsorship.

If a student wants to change his/her field of study, university, country and duration of study, this requires the approval of Abu Dhabi Police before any change.

Academic Study Plan

Submit your Academic Study Plan to your Scholarship Academic Advisor during your first academic semester or quarter.

The Academic Study Plan is a tool that would provide both students and PAO with a graphic overview of the students’ field of study. It informs us of the required courses and concentrations that the students may choose for their major, and which courses they can elect to take (the elective courses). The Academic Study Plan is not a contract — students can change it at any time — but it does assist students to plan their course schedule and the expected graduation date.

Registration Form

Submit your completed, signed Registration Form for each term to your Academic Advisor at the beginning of each term. Register for the term you will be in as a Full-Time student according to your Academic Study Plan and registering them during the period of registration.

Academic Progress Report

Ensure that your Academic Progress Report (Transcript) have been sent and received by your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the end of each term. Delay in sending your
transcript in the specified period will automatically result in holding your monthly allowance and may lead to the termination of the scholarship.

The academic report should include course grades and a statement of the academic standing of the student. The academic report can be in the form of a letter or other official document and should be signed by the appropriate university official.

Travel Plan

Notify your Scholarship Academic Advisor of any travel plans outside the location of study, either for trips to other places or return trips to the UAE.

Contact with your Academic Advisor

Your Scholarship Academic Advisor at the Police Attaché Office is available to provide information, advice and assistance to you. You may consult him/her for assistance on concerns regarding academic and personal matters that may arise before departure, upon arrival, and throughout the duration of your scholarship program in the UK. He/she may be reached during regular office hours from 9AM to 4PM from Monday to Friday. In the event of emergencies beyond those hours, you are asked to use the Emergency Contact number. (Please view our contact page)


The Police Attaché Office wishes all our students a delightful and successful years during their Academic stay in the UK.