Medical Section

Do I need to register with a Doctor?

Yes, you have to register with a General Practitioner (GP) who is normally a Doctor. This may either be a Surgery or a Polyclinic. This is a free service for anyone who is a UK resident.

How can I locate a Clinic or a Doctor?

To locate your GP use the following link :

Type the post code of the address of your accommodation in the space available in the middle of the page

Do I need to visit the clinic or the GP at the start?

Yes, Once you have located the nearest one or two GPs of your choice, you need to visit and register with them.


Do I need any documents to register with a GP?

 Yes, these are some of the requirements that you may be asked to provide:

Name and address

  • Date of birth
  • NHS number (if available)
  • Name and address of your previous GP

Proof of Identity e.g. passport or driving licence

Proof of your address, such as a recent utility bill such as a gas, electricity, water , phone bill (excluding a mobile phone bill) or council tax bill

How can I book an appointment with a Doctor?

Once you have registered, call to make an appointment when you need their service.

If I cannot find a GP or I need an advice regarding register with a GP?

If you have any difficulties following these steps or need more information, please contact Mai Jamal on 020 7 8088 337  or 07779977729 

If I have any other medical concerns, whom should I contact first?

If you have any medical issues that cannot be treated directly at your GP, please contact Mai Jamal on 020 7 8088 337 
If I have an emergency case whom should I contact?

If the issue is serious and urgent call the ambulance service at 999 and you will need to give your address and they will ask you few questions in order to reach you quickly.

Also for further help call the medical section emergency number 07779977729