Foundation & Undergraduate

1.  Who is my academic supervisor?

Rula Tokan
0207 8088 353

What are my responsibilities as an Undergraduate sponsored student?

-          Registration with the Police

-          Registration with the GP

-          Registration at the University.

-          Attend your classes; all absences should be communicated to the University.


2.  What are the documents that I have to provide to my supervisor?

-          Provide us with your Passport and Visa

-          Your UK Address and telephone number and email address.

-          Your registration confirmation

-          Any transcripts obtained during your Undergraduate study


3.  When should I contact my supervisor?

-          In case of urgent queries (e.g. leaving the UK).

-          Changing my contact details

-          Having difficulties or issues at University.

-          When I receive my transcripts and certificates.

-          In case or failure if the first set of exams.

-          If I am required to pay any tuition fees to the University.


4.  Who will provide the University with the Financial Guarantee?

-          The Financial Guarantee is sent to your University directly, a copy will be sent to you via email.


5.   Can I change my University?

-          You are expected to remain at the chosen University, although a change might become necessary during your study, in this case you will need to complete the University change form  (E-forms) once received by your supervisor your request will be discussed by the academic committee and the decision will be communicated to you.

6.  Can I change my subject?

-          You are expected to adhere to the specialization study and any changes have to be addressed to the ADP GHQ.

-          You are required to complete the Subject change form (E-forms) once received by your supervisor your request will be sent with an official letter from the PAO to the ADP GHQ.


7.  Who can I contact for my certificate accreditation?

Please contact the Public relations office at: