English Language

1.       What do I need to know before I leave the UAE?

There is important information that you need to be aware of before you arrive to the UK. These are:

a.       Insure that you have organized cash and pound sterling travellers’ cheques to bring with you as you may need it for the first few days or weeks before opening a Bank account

b.       That your accommodation has been booked and paid for (This is done during the admission process).

c.       Once you have received your visa, please send us your arrival details as soon as possible in order for us to organize you airport pick up, to either Mr Ghaith Chouiki: Ghaith@adpuk.org  or to the admission office .

d.      Please insure that your passport is valid for 6 months minimum, and also your visa has to be issued for study purposes.


2.       What to bring with you?

a.       Your Passport and Visa.

b.      Your offer letter and accommodation confirmation as you will be asked to show these documents to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) immigration control office at the airport.

c.       Evidence of sufficient funds (i.e. Sponsor letter) to show the immigration control office on arrival.

d.      Any documents/transcripts or home certificates (originals only) these will be required at a later stage.

e.      Warm cloths, as the UK weather is very cold and changing.


What happens at the airport?

Once you land in the UK, you will go through immigration control. Make sure you have all of your important documents (mentioned above).

a.       A driver will come to meet you at the airport and he will take you to your temporary pre-booked hotel for 1 or 2 nights, the duration will be confirmed by the public relations officer: Mr  Ahmed Atass

When is the good time to arrive?

It is normal that you will need some time to recover from your journey and settle down, for this reason we recommend that you arrive in the UK at least two days before the beginning of your course. This means you will arrive over the weekend before the Monday on which your course starts.

3.       Is there an Induction day at the Police attaché office in London?

At the start of your course, you will receive a full induction which is a great opportunity to meet staff and find out more about the ADP office. The induction program can take up to 40 minutes and it includes:

a.       A welcome talk.

b.      Information sessions with English language supervisor.

c.       Registration process.

d.      Meeting with the Police Attaché and with his Deputy.


4.       What are my duties and rights as a sponsored student?

Personal mentoring and support is at the heart of the approach. It starts from the moment we welcome you to the end of your course.


Registration process:

-          Registration with the Police, your visa states whether you have to register with the police within 7 days. The address and the required documents are provided by your English institutes on you first day of registration.

-          Registration with the GP, all the information can be about the GP can be found on the Medical section.

-          Opening a bank account

-          Providing your supervisor with your UK address and Phone number,

-          Liaising with your supervisor and in case of any changing to your personal, academic and social changes (i.e. arrival of your family).

 Services provided by your Academic supervisor:

-          Your supervisor will be providing you with a confirmation of sponsorship (i.e. to open a bank account).

-          The school will be sent a copy of your the Financial guarantee.




-          All students have to attend all their classes and any absence should be justified or authorized by your school and supervisor in advance. This is to comply with the UKBA regulations.


-           There are official school holidays (Christmas break, Easter holiday and summer holiday) the period will be communicated to you by the school. Any other holiday requests (for urgent reasons) should be addressed to your supervisor  in advance, please note that any unauthorized leave will result in a stoppage of your salary.

 Academic performance:

-          You are required to make all the effort in order to achieve the required English level for further university studies.


5.       Can I change my Language institute?

No, but this can occur in particular situation:

-          Once the student has achieved a certain IELTS score he will be able to join the University English language centre.

Any other reasons should be addressed to your supervisor and a decision will be made upon revision of the school change request.

6.       Can I extend my scholarship?

-          The sponsored for language only are to request the extension of their scholarship from the ADP General Head Quarter. 

-          Other students have to submit their request via email to the supervisor. Your request will be studied by the academic committee and sent to the ADP GHQ.


7.     Who is my main contact at PAUK?

English Supervisor